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Pop3 Smtp Client text mode

The project involves the construction of mail clients for SMTP and POP3 protocols. These programs are portable at the source code for Linux and Windows platforms.

The project could be accomplished by scripting languages ​​such as Korn shell or perl, but it is more interesting to learn the connection working with sockets in C programming as it offers many more possibilities and advantages of a scripting language.

The advantage is little resources in the machine. You don't need to have any application installed to run these programs, since only one file is where the application resides.

Another advantage is the portability of the program. Can be compiled such as Turbo C, Borland C and others.

Product functionality

The Pop3 Smtp client text mode uses SMTP POP3 for send and receiving to communicate with the mail server. The method to do this is simple, the mail client (POP3 or SMTP) sends requests to the server in plain text (ASCII).

The communication protocol using POP3 and SMTP is defined in RFC1939 and rfc891 respectively.


You can download the program at the following link: