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Mass Mailing

IaMailing is a mass mailing delivery system that ensures each email reaches its intended destination without being categorised as spam.

The iaMailing delivery system also includes a statistical algorithm that verifies if the email has been read, who's read the email, and if sendee has displayed interest in a product by clicking on the email's enclosed website links.

Mass Mailing Features:

  • Anti Spam Mailing Protection
  • Mailing Campaign Management
  • Contact Management: Edit/Import/Export
  • HTML Message Editor
  • Enables Attachments of up to 10 MB per Email
  • Email Preview Prior to Sendee Dispatch
  • Email Queuing System Listing Emails to be Sent
  • Email Dispatch History
  • Newsletter Management Lists
  • Statistics Detailing Emails Sent, Viewed and Links Opened as well as Newsletter Lists
  • Mass Mailing Service Configuration Editor


You can view an on-line demonstration of the product by clicking on the following link: Demo mass mailing

(The demo version does not send emails)

If you would like to purchase iaMailing, click on the link below:

Terms of Sale:

  • do not and are not responsible for installing this product
  • The purchase of this application does not authorise the buyer to claim damages for the misuse of or security flaws in the iaMailing-mass mailing system